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Preguntas más frecuentes

How much is the subscription and how much is a one time purchase?

The subscription starts at $120 every 90 days.​ One time purchases are $160.

How does the subscription work?

Every quarter we create a new fragrance for you. Each fragrance you design is eligible for repurchase by friends, which can earns you a 10% commission. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

What size is the bottle, and do you offer multiple sizes?

Each fragrance comes inside a 30ml Bottle. Unfortunately, at this time we only offer one size.

How long do the fragrances last?

You actually can choose the type of fragrance strength you would like. Be aware, these lengths are subjective to the type of ingredients you choose, as some ingredients fade faster than others. Store your fragrance in a dark and cool place for best results.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship international orders, however we do not cover the costs of shipping. We have partnerships with DHL and FedEx that highly reduce the costs.

How long does my bespoke experience take?

We do a 15-minute interview with you to get the details of your fragrance. Building takes a week. Domestic shipping is usually 4-5 business days. You can expect your fragrance within 2-3 weeks from your consultation.

What if I don’t like the smell?

We’ll take the fragrance back to the drawing board and your concierge will meet with you to create a new fragrance. If you don’t like the next one and don’t want to try again, refer to our refund and return policy.

Do you send a sample of the fragrance before sending the full size.

We do not send sample sizes of our bespoke creations. We have built 200+ fragrances, and are very good at narrowing down your order. If we miss the mark we send you a new full size fragrance to replace the first.

Are the fragrances you make quality?

Yes, we utilize premium fragrance materials, naturals, and high quality aromachemicals to produce fragrances that match your requested fragrance.

Still have questions?

Head over to our MOI Fragrance Experience Guide to learn more!

Is my consultation deposit refundable?

The consultation deposit is non-refundable. However, it is applied to your final purchase, and in the event you have to change your consultation time, you are always able to do that by contacting

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