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The Seven Years War (1756-1763) Directx 9 Download




Lead your troops into battle through the course of a campaign. Customize your nation and build your armies as you go. Create your own campaigns or battle against the AI. Play against other nations through a new lobby. Start the war! Find yourself at the heart of a massive war which will decide the fate of Europe for a century! Here are the main features of the game: World War I Play five different nations from four different eras: France, United Kingdom, Germany and the USA Three campaigns The Battle of Gallipoli is the starting point of World War I During the course of the war, several more countries join the conflict Large number of battles, scenarios, with countless variations Real time and turn-based battles Collective and unit management with an easy to use interface Battle AI, managed by GameLab and customized by each player Civilians will join the front as you wage war to win the war. Campaigns Three full campaigns will be available: France, United Kingdom and Germany 1914, 1918 and 1940, the end of the war 15 nations and three campaigns each Each of them will start at the opening of the war (1914, 1914) and end at the final assault (1918, 1918) All nations start with the same forces, but each nation will have different specializations and abilities Each nation will receive several campaigns The battle of Gallipoli will be the starting point of WWI and the beginning of a conflict that will shake the world for the next two decades Events of WWI During the war several events will take place which could change the course of the war, and of course the course of your nation as well Events will be triggered by several factors, such as: German colonies and other German nation and the strength of the German army French and British colonies and the strength of their armies German and Allied artillery superiority If any of these factors go to extremes and the events are triggered, a new step will be triggered Full-featured Battle Armies can be composed of more than one type of units: Infantry: Infantry units are divided into several categories: Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry, Gunners and Tankers. Heavy Infantry can be equipped with Melee weapons, Artillery pieces or Heavy artillery pieces. Light



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The Seven Years War (1756-1763) Directx 9 Download

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